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The National Trust

by Matthew Searles

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Movement 05:13
Glad you finally made it Welcome back to the rain I’ve been biding my time Now it’s starting again Don’t know how to describe it Can’t say anything new But then music should give us Things that words cannot do Felt aggressively happy So elated I cried Had so much self-expression That I’m empty inside This is the movement Never to be fulfilled Oh it’s such an improvement When we’re not standing still This is the movement Never to be fulfilled Forward motion’s improvement All you need is the will It’s a first-world misfortune Uninspired by content Call it paradise syndrome Grandiose non-event I’m the worst of the worst No, I’m worse still than that Manufacturing anger Because that’s what I’m good at
Woke up in ‘36 Watched the Berlin Olympics They told some stories, oh they lied It was the year that Kipling died Woke up in ‘47 As Henry Ford went off to heaven Commies scared the USA And Pepper taught the band to play Woke up in ‘58 Lolita sealed poor Humbert’s fate When CND said ban the bomb And Michael Jackson came along Woke up in ‘69 With Vietnam the battle line When they were landing on the moon And Woodstock played a different tune Chorus: Back and forth in time again Reliving every stupid trend No better off per capita I need a flux capacitor Up and down the fam’ly tree Watching winners make hist’ry The gaps in truth they get wider I need a hadron collider Woke up in ‘71 The war on drugs has just begun A bath-tub claims the lizard king And Frazier rules the boxing ring Woke up in ‘89 When Marty went a second time Emporer Hirohito dies And Dalai Lama wins peace prize Woke up in ‘93 And saw a twelve year-old me Nirvana take the music throne I’m at the nightclub all alone Woke up in 3010 Now I’m not going back again No Earth, no life, no skin, no cells There’s only me and HG Wells
Krokodil 03:08
Oh, it tastes so good I’ve got to put it in She’s so misunderstood I cannot feel my skin Oh, it feels so right Don’t care if it’s a sin Her jaw snaps tight I’ve lost another limb She isn’t ready yet There’s more to come ‘cause I have got to get (Inside) She will eat you from the inside She’ll devour you no doubt Even though you’re full of poison She will hollow you right out (Outside) She will eat you from the inside She is what it’s all about She will drink every last droplet She will leave you with a drought Oh, there isn’t any reason We didn’t play to lose For her it’s hunting season Now my face is just a bruise This isn’t in her nature Oh her scent is all around But this is how they made her Now she’s pinned me to the ground Hold on She isn’t ready yet There’s more to come ‘cause I have got to get
Aneurysm 03:56
Just what makes you tick, she said Oh, just this time-bomb in my head Waiting for the sword to drop Praying for the noise to stop The rushing in my ears so loud The deadly bruit of the crowd The seconds tick by twice as fast Knowing each could be your last It makes no difference to know anything about yourself Oh it’s always going to be It makes no odds to push against the continental shelf Of such enormous certainty I walk about on glass and pins I feel the shake as it begins Then consequence seems awfully small Embrace the scream, destroy it all
A silent night The solid heat, the twisted bed Dreams of a fight It’s not so quiet in my head It’s always men The endless waves are overthrown If I run again Don’t think I’ll ever feel I’m home It doesn’t matter where you are These things will find you We think we’ve come so very far Well, look behind you From west to east We say it couldn’t happen here The seeds of peace The only fruit they grow is fear From north to south They cannot leave the wound alone I close my mouth It’s full of dust and brick and bone It doesn’t matter where you are These things will find you We think we’ve come so very far Well, look behind you It doesn’t matter where you are These things will find you Could be New York or Kandahar It’s right behind you
It got so bad I couldn’t move Though trashy fiction tries to prove That there are better things to try Still I’d have been content to die The only barrier to this fate My endless catatonic state So I prayed to this nameless god To strike with his divining rod This is the only thing that works for me They saved my life with electricity I found the spark that lay within And so recovery begin With 85 Joules to the brain That I might live and love again And though my memory is bleached An empty shell on washed out beach At least the sun will reach inside And leave no corner that could hide Even a shadow of a doubt To exponentially spread out And fill the skies with endless black To take me down, to take me back Oh Syliva, Oh Hemmingway I’m sorry, truly, I can’t say What’s right for you, for me it’s this And that’s a fact I can’t dismiss
Like like comment post post Repost it if you care Snap load tag go share Cause friends will always share Believe opine It’s right it’s right it’s mine Dare to care Then write it everywhere Your defaulting heart Keeps letting me down Where do I start? Let’s not mess around
Sometimes when we’re weak We find the strength we really seek Sometimes when we’re low We find the will we need to go Everyone I know Is broken up, in need of friends But I will never go I will be there until the end When life just lays you open wide I’ll take it on, you step aside When it bears down and doesn’t stop I’ll take the strain until I drop Hold on I’ve got you Be strong You’ve got to You found a permanent solution To a temporary problem Didn’t want no absolution Just your trespasses forgotten Pick up the pieces of your mind No DSH of any kind It’s time to put those things away Don’t think tomorrow, just today I haven’t seen you for a while It’s even longer since that smile Lit up my life, I’ll try to be There for you as you were for me Don’t cry for help, just ask me straight We’ll put it right, we’ll clear the slate Cause talk is cheap and words are token We’ll fix all the things you’ve broken
Lost 04:40
Possessions packed and playlist tracked The currency, the paperback The mp3 the low-in-tar The CCD, the SLR Protection from the sun above That beats down like a boxing glove The arid strip that doesn’t change The shadow of the mountain range The beaten track we leave behind The hungry pack, collective mind We seek the heat, we curse the rain And try to find ourselves again And though my mind feels like the mist On the horizon’s mountain tip I try to order all my thoughts Into this book that’s on my hip All these words just take an age I have to write them out to see But there’s a drawing on this page I like to think you made for me Never felt so lost Never felt so far from home Never lost for words it’s true Never felt so far from you And with a continent this size We’ll try to stick to where we grew But always looking to the skies We know that really isn’t true We cost ourselves in hours and days We have the pictures and the scars We lost each other in the haze We can’t remember who we are
Trust 03:34
Where is the trust?
You don’t have to be mad to work here Just clinically depressed If clothes maketh the man I must be pretty badly dressed Fear God, honour the king Go forward to your thing Just wear the uniform Shut up, weather the storm That’s smile’s the perfect pitch But I think we’ve hit a glitch We’ve hardly started yet That smile’s tinged with regret I don’t do this for my health I’m not in it for the money Well, what else is left? It’s really not that funny
This is where I push myself.
Toys 04:35
In the bone-creak of the garden chair In the stifling, blinding summer shade We sense it, feel it’s always there We just can’t hear the sound of age Things don’t work quite like they should I’m losing pages everywhere What happened? A little warning would be good Forgetting ages, losing hair What happened? [Repeat] Hear the classics float over the privet Close your eyes, forget the ache Full of pins and plates and rivets Close your eyes for goodness’ sake It’s little things, just petty woes So terrible, the things I’ve done To go with every tiny flow To speak to God then turn and run I still know what love means I just can’t remember how it works
Let’s show our game-face to the world Don’t tell them how we bowed and curled Beneath the many tiny pressures That you applied just to protect your pleasures Let’s not articulate our rage But guild each tiny squalid cage Don’t think community or need Just fight their gluttony with greed You’ve lost the National Trust You’ve cost each one of us You don’t repay the loan We will invade your home [Repeat] What happened here was no event It was devoid of all intent This sort of thing cannot be planned It isn’t taking any stand [Chorus] Let’s vote with minds and hearts and feet Not fists and sticks and in the street Somebody said there was a fight We’re gonna break it up tonight


Matthew Searles sings and plays upright piano, acoustic guitar
electric guitar, turntables, Weevil three-oscillator-ring-mod synth, Yamaha CS1X synth, Casio CZ101 synth, Yamaha SU10 sampler, kalimba, stylophone, melodica, tambourine, shaker, drums, toy xylophone, toy piano, toy drum, ukulele.

Produced on an Apple Mac using Logic.


released September 17, 2012

All tracks written and produced by Matthew Searles. Vocal melody on Time Travellin' Blues written by James Rampton. Words on The Witness by Alan Stead. Photography by Dave Parsons. Various background noises and performance by Daisy Belle Searles.


all rights reserved



Matthew Searles UK

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