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Decade 03:16
We bought a car and we just headed for the coast Cashed in our paychecks, left our houses with their ghosts Driving the back roads until we could smell the sea You twisted in your seat and said “I’m so happy” And I spent the next decade trying to make that feeling last We’re just like everyone who holds on to the past We ran out of road and we ran onto the sand And at the water’s edge you took hold of my hand It felt to me as if I’d always known you here Showed you the place I wrote my name under the pier And as we looked upon that snapshot back in time You picked a stone up, put your name there next to mine And I spent the next decade trying to make that feeling last We’re just like everyone who holds on to the past I couldn’t wait to leave the things that made me me I couldn’t wait to be with you And I spent the next decade trying to make that feeling last We’re just like everyone who holds on to the past
Sun is up and I’m going out Got a moment here that is just for me Headphones on but I want to shout Got a feeling of pure biology Senses sharp, I can feel the world In the tiny patterns of my skin So much more than another girl I just know that something’s about to begin Nerves like a roadmap, so complex and vast You’re the last destination, I’m here at the start You’re in my veins, through the pains of the past In the tiny channels of my heart Right before my eyes You’re a beautiful surprise Right before my eyes You took a while to recognize Night comes down and you’re in my arms Got a taste like the sweetest sugar cane Love goes off like a fire alarm In the sparkling circuits of my brain All your anatomy’s got to me here I can feel you shudder underneath My fingertips and your lips to my ear I am holding on by the skin of my teeth Right before my eyes You’re a beautiful surprise Right before my eyes An anaerobic exercise
I had that dream against last night We were running through a subway in our youth I was left and you were right Then I woke up and I knew this was the truth In the basements we would sway Growing underneath the capital like seeds As if it’s the only way With our minds’ eyes open wide just like our deeds Hold on tight, those nights with your friends ‘cause you will see where it will end You can fight, alright with your friends ‘cause they’ll still be there in the end I have some words here on my phone It was a song we wrote for them when we were young About the life we all got shown And every atom that I tasted on my tongue Now we’re corners of the globe So far apart but somehow we can still connect Step back into the wardrobe Into a world so sharp we all still recollect We clung together in those lonely lonely times Another college town, the plane takes off, the wheels touch down The train will roll, the car will stall, we want to feel and drink it all The four of us will always be, just like a show on my TV And even though it’s cancelled now, the reruns play on anyhow
They were The greatest of days, yeah And I don’t like to compare But it felt like warfare We were The greatest of rivals We swore on the bible It meant our survival Somehow we made the through And reached the place we’re running to We came around at twenty-two Just blinking out the blindness I tell you now that, as for me, It wouldn’t be a blasphemy To say I’m not a devotee Of any acts of kindness Those were the days Of heartbreak and fun The language it slays Taking down everyone The habit it stays Of a weaponised tongue There’s so many ways Of coming undone You were So iconoclastic A friend but sarcastic Just destroying the plastic They were Desirable objects We didn’t know what next Superior and complex And now the world is ours We left behind the ivory towers And faced up to the superpowers Of taking down the foolish But all the innocent The crossfire and the good intent Don’t understand the way it’s meant To say we are the coolest
Carbon 04:11
I met you at the same time that I found myself I guess I got confused I didn’t feel much younger back then than I do right now There’s so much left to prove All my optimism, naive and romantic heart I was in a big old rush Couldn’t wait to make mistakes in such a frantic start It never came to much We’re all made of the same thing So why’s it so hard? I’m breathing out now at the same time that you’re breathing in Our elements exchange You end right at the point I start to think that we begin Guess nothing really changed ‘Cause we’re just carbon and some atoms that could float away In a universe so cold And we will end but they will live to fight another day Their story isn’t told
I guess you ought to know That this ain’t my first rodeo And if I’ve done the maths correct I take one look at you And say you’re in the same boat too Well, that’s what I’d expect It’s not sophisticated So let’s not be coy And the rules they haven’t changed one little bit You’re just a girl and I’m a boy It still feels the same With each time that I play this game You are my late late comer It still feels the same My heart don’t seem to ever change This is our indian summer And I want you to know It’s better late than never And it feels just as though I am changing like the weather And if it seems as if I’ll Settle down and let it drift Because it wasn’t my plan A I don’t want life to choose The things I get, I just want you
Won’t have it any other way I’m not the first, second or third In line I don’t reckon you heard You’re mine, you’re mine in any case It makes no odds to me And even if you want to be Can’t turn the clock back, I just see your face
I can’t remember where I was the day I heard that sound I only know it felt as if the world stopped turning round The television froze me in my tracks, I came apart Like up till then I’d never really felt with all my heart The music set on fire the things that life had only warmed And where I’d been a child, I was alive, I was transformed The day the record changed The planets rearranged The soundtrack of my life in every frame When I was young my life was just a map without a road But when I heard that song it felt as if I’d cracked the code The key to my existence from that moment to today Now every time I listen I know there’s no other way A beautiful compulsion an emotional affair The sound has been a friend to me when no one else was there At first I asked myself what is it? Sort of magic? Kind of physics? Something that can stop the traffic Nothing more than mathematics Human beings pressing keys Fulfil my every single need More than the sum of all it’s parts These are the masters of the arts The wonder of it all!
Eighty Six 03:25
Another saturday, a party at your place I broke those promises, some dishes and my face I fell in love and then I fell right through glass I kissed the ground like I’m Pope John Paul the Last I want some conversation, can’t find anyone Who wants to talk of anything but what I’ve done They turn away like I’m a stranger in the park I get the feeling that I’ve overstepped the mark Don’t 86 me I’m gonna fix up Don’t 86 me There’s been a mix up Don’t 86 me I’ll run the farthest Don’t 86 me I’ll try my hardest So now I’m outside and I’m looking for my friends I lost my glasses, in the grass this contact lens I can’t remember, where’s my wallet and my keys Just lend me cab fare, I am down here on my knees But you don’t know me so you show me to the door Yeah, I don’t think this was the house I came before Don’t recognise you but I’d like to come inside And maybe sleep it off, forget I lost my pride It’s not a metaphor, a moral that showcases I’ve seen the bathroom floor of many different places I have no off switch, I just got this thing somehow Like a floodgate, and it’s too late to close now Don’t 86 me Yeah, we’ve all done it The only thing is I I still want it You tell me grow up Well that’s your two cents Because I did and It made no difference
Joystick 03:14
This is how we play, in our youth But it won’t go away, that’s the truth ‘cause this is timeless, it’s online it’s everywhere And you will find it’s not the crime they all declare When we get older There’s no controller It’s obvious I yearn, for simpler times Before they made me burn, and blew my mind I had my joystick, wasn’t love sick to my soul And would I trade the choice I made, well I don’t know Of course I understand that youth with lose its bloom (and yeah I know) Can’t stay a child forever, sitting in my room (We have to grow) But I was satisfied cross legged on the floor (With all my friends) We made amends just playing on the 64 (and of course) I’ve no remorse about the life I led since then But I would go back in a heartbeat just to play like that again
Nights 04:19
Will it forever be to be this way? It always has to come As sure as night will follow day And even after all the fun It seems there’s something wrong with me Like a thorn stuck in my mind I have to push, can’t let it be Cannot leave it all behind Why can’t you stay out of my nights? I walked away, I pressed eject It was the only thing to do But I don’t choose, I can’t elect To stop thinking of you I’m getting by, the days are bright But as the sun begins to set I am possessed until the light Erases the cassette Remember this is what I wanted I wonder why I feel so haunted
I dodged a bullet And kept on running Open my eyes now And let some sun in When I came round, I found myself so far away My sweet paloma On the rooftop It’s like a coma It’s where my heart stops And I was in shock I was still reeling Like something unlocked I had this feeling I can’t describe, I don’t know why I chose this place And all it cost And all I lost That’s fine It will increase My peace of mind It’s so much warmer It’s so much calmer Not like the former There’s no more drama In Barcelona As the sunsets I am a loner It’s where I forget
DNS 04:52
I was at the movies The night your heart gave out Yeah, I was out I wonder if you missed me As you were lying there And wish me near? You always were the big man I wish I’d known You could have shown Can you now forgive me For what I couldn’t see? That kid’s not me I’m that guy that they all talk to when they’re down And you were mine But I will walk through anyhow I was twice as angry Yeah, at you And myself too Of course Ive always missed you Not every day But enough I’d say And in my dreams we still meet It’s rarer now I wish I knew how To control the whole thing My mind, my health But I’m a man myself I watch the children in the sand And wonder what you’d think Of the things I’ve made? The amount I drink I wonder what they’d call you Oh, you’d love them They’d love you too I’m that guy that they all talk to when they’re down And I lost mine But I will walk through anyhow


Channelling ABC, Pet Shop Boys, Van Halen, New Order, Talk Talk, Springsteen, Talking Heads, M83, Bleachers and a few others, this is my tribute to the greatest decade in music.

It's not a record about the 80s - it's a record about youth, memory, freedom and the times we all look back on.

I hope I've created a record of pop songs with both heart and depth.


released July 17, 2019

Matthew Searles: vocals, piano, synths, electric guitar, bass, acoustic guitar, Korg Monotron and Teenage Engineering PO-14 & PO-16.

Jon Roffey: saxophone

Written, produced and engineered by Matthew Searles.


all rights reserved



Matthew Searles UK

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